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Anal Toys – The Goldilocks of the Sex Toys

There are many different types of anal toys. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, but what makes one good over the other? Anal toys differ greatly in their size and shape. Sometimes they can be too large or too small, and they can hurt while being inserted. This is the Goldilocks of the sex toys. If you are not sure which type is right for you, try some of these tips. You may find that anal toys are the perfect option for you.

The anal hook is a piece of metal with a small, tapered tip. It also has a loop at the end for attaching a rope. It’s shaped to be placed inside the anus, but can be moved by moving the finger. The hook is usually about one-inch thick, but can be swapped out for other sizes. Make sure to insert the hook gently and not force it into place. Then, sit back and enjoy the experience.

A glass anal plug is another type of anal toy. This kind of anal toy is smooth and can be used for temperature play. It may not be as bulky as a regular anal plug, but it can mask remnants of sex. While most women opt for pink anal toys, some people choose the more gender-friendly options. Women can find toys with pretty patterns and feminine names. Alternatively, they can leave a mystery in a bathroom or nightstand, and let their lover choose from the options available to them.


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