Couples Christmas sex euphoria

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Christmas Sex – Make It Extra Special This Year

Christmas sex can be one of the best ways to get turned on this festive season! There is nothing like that special time of year to spice things up a bit and get more physical with your significant other. Especially when people get so stressed over all the other parties. The family fuss and everything else. Christmas sex can be one of the best ways to get right back into the swing of things. Christmas is a perfect time for giving and sharing with those that you love. Couples are in high spirits, there is always a little romance in the air. Even with the nice Christmas music and the whole thing is definitely a great time for romantic gift giving.

The first thing that you need to do is sit down with your significant other and create an advent calendar for her. This is where you can put all the Christmas sex acts. That you want to perform on her during the holiday season. You might want to start by listing the top five sex acts that you think she might like to try out during this time of year. You can then arrange the actions in order. Of least to most intense (in terms of both feelings and time spent). If you want to surprise your partner or if you want to make this your only present. You can put in whatever sexual act will give you the most pleasure as well as a good memory to take home.

The next thing you need to do is find a good quality Cologne or lubricant. Get your partner in the mood for Christmas sex by setting up the “flavour lighting”. This is simply where you light up your partner’s Cologne or lubricant in order to get her in the mood. Most women love perfume and many also love lubricants, so it should not be hard to get them in the mood. Just remember to do this before you get into Christmas sex so that you have a smooth transition into a truly magical Christmas sex!