4K Public Anal Action

Posted on May 11, 2021Comments Off on 4K Public Anal Action

Do You Know About Public Anal Sex?

The most pleasurable sexual position is undoubtedly the public anal. It is considered by many a classic test of stamina. Almost everyone has heard of it at one time or another in their lives. The anus is extremely adept at giving powerful orgasms. This is why women are able to achieve orgasm after orgasm without even trying. This why men can have multiple orgasms in a single night by simply penetrating that anus with his member. Studies have shown that roughly 80% of all women will experience some form of erotic stimulation via public anal. With many of those women finding it to be their favorite position. It also happens to be one of the most easily accessible positions from a public anal sex position point of view. Many people can be seen doing it in public places such as movie theaters, airports, restaurants and bars.

Although nature anal is a very common type of sexual position, some would rather take things up a notch and try something a little more exotic. For them, the best type of position for outdoor anal sex would be a reverse nature anal. As the name suggests, the woman lies on her back, with her buttocks resting against the bed. With the man behind her, he penetrates her anus with his penis, causing her to arch into the air as her body shudders with pleasure.

For those couples who prefer to do things “the old fashioned way” there is another option. For couples who would like to explore their anal dreams. That option is a doggy style public anal position. In this type of position the man’s buttocks are outside the woman’s, and they are positioned in such a way that his penis is rubbing the walls of her vagina. This is a very intimate type of anal sex that lovers can both enjoy, and it is great for couples who are new to the whole anal adventure. There are many different videos online to help you learn more about doggy style public anal.